MacOptimizer Reviewed by Mac.AppStorm

Just got a very nice review on MacOptimizer by Mac.AppStorm!

They gave it 8/10 and said the following:

MacOptimizer’s headlining feature is quick cleanup. When it comes to purging your cache, it gets the job done in a quick and quiet fashion. In three clicks, one of your three system cache folders can be cleaned, or all of them at once. The same goes for your font cache, which may also include Adobe and Microsoft elements.

Let me just say this about freeing the cache: it’s fast. I’ve never had over a gigabyte of temporary files removed from my system so fast. I was glad to see that I could continue my work within seconds of starting the cleanup process.

The app’s approach to optimizing things is, above all, user friendly. In the Free Cache tab lie two short paragraphs of documentation telling the user why they need the feature, how it works, and how to use it. Typically, that’s something the user has to infer or learn by a tedious tutorial’s means. And for cleaning the caches, MacOptimizer even warns that there’s no reason to run this cleanup too often. It’s nice to see that there’s another, less distracting approach to providing people with a way of understanding an app’s functions, rather than the scare tactics employed by most cleaning and optimization apps.”

You can read the full review here:

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