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I purchased your new MacOptimizer app.  Nice work–easy interface
and I recovered over a gig of space. 🙂 Sweet!

Robin Kirkey

After acquiring quite a few mac optimiser apps – I must
say yours if of the easiest to use and the quickest –
Congratulations on a fantastic app for the Mac!

Hamant Keval

I’m just writing to thank you!! I really appreciate the opportunity
for the Free fonts and a special thank you for helping me out when I
had trouble downloading them. This time they went right in Font
Book – just like butter!

Diane Hendler

I’ve already recovered Inactive space and it worked flawlessly!
I’m so excited because I’m able to keep my computer running and
not reboot constantly (for some reason, for the past 4-6 months,
I’ve been running out of memory faster). You’ve restored my
computer’s efficiency, and that one button is worth the entire
price of MacOptimizer!

Christopher Smith

Thank you for the fonts! Really appreciate your generosity.

Al Pratt