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Thank you for the fonts! Really appreciate your generosity.

Al Pratt

I sincerely appreciate your quick attention and turnaround time
on that. A couple of those fonts are perfect for a project I’m
currently working on, and your timing couldn’t have been better.
Great customer service!

I purchased your new MacOptimizer app.  Nice work–easy interface
and I recovered over a gig of space. :) Sweet!

Robin Kirkey

I’m just writing to thank you!! I really appreciate the opportunity
for the Free fonts and a special thank you for helping me out when I
had trouble downloading them. This time they went right in Font
Book – just like butter!

Diane Hendler

My online shopping experience spans nearly a quarter of
a century (my first online order was a pair of RayBan
sunglasses back in 1989 – when everything was in character
mode – and no, I had no idea what they looked like until I
opened the box!) and I must say that this is the best
customer service experience I can remember – by some distance.

Thorarinn Jonsson