Who needs LinkedIn?

It’s a simple question: why do you even need to use LinkedIn?

With so many social media platforms clamoring for your attention, why do people still flock to LinkedIn? A simple question brings a simple answer: it’s THE professional social media platform. The LinkedIn community is rich with career bending experience, advice, connections, referrals and recommendations that you won’t find on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Pinterest. Using LinkedIn you can:

  • Build a profile as a dynamic, living resume.
  • Research and follow companies, people and organizations you want to work for or work with.
  • Gain valuable insight into new industries.
  • Discover the latest trends on professional roles.
  • Contribute to topical discussions.
  • Join groups you share interests with.

So, tell me: why are you on LinkedIn (or, why aren’t you!?) Feel free to add anything I missed, or expand on what was mentioned…

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