MacOptimizer v2.0 Released

MacOptimizer 2.0 is now available as a paid upgrade!

MacOptimizer 2.0 boasts a bevy of new features to analyze and boost memory, speed up Internet browsing, monitor CPU usage, manage startup items, and more. The new features include:

Memory Hogs – Analyze and clear system memory to speed up your Mac. Your computer only has a limited amount of memory and every application and system process you run uses up a portion of what is available. Some apps are notorious memory hogs and can make even a brand new Mac slow to a crawl. This is why it is important to monitor your system resources if you notice your computer is not as fast as normal. You can use the options in Memory Hogs to find out what is taking up the most system resources and free up memory.

CPU Monitoring – Most of the time your computer uses less than 5% of its CPU power. CPU means “Central Processing Unit” which is the brain of your system, and processes everything that needs to be computed. If you notice your CPU Usage is running high you can click the Analyze button at the bottom right of the Memory Hogs window. This will display the top 5 processes using the highest amount of memory. This also shows the percentage of CPU power each process is currently using. You can then quit a process in order to reclaim memory or CPU power.

Startup Items – Manage items that automatically start up when you login to your Mac. Some applications are set to start automatically as soon as you boot your Mac and login. These applications can even run in the background without you realizing it, taking up system resources. Although some of these items help you work more efficiently on your Mac, others may be unnecessary and can be removed from the list of startup items.

Manage Safari – Over time you may notice a slowdown as you browse the Internet using Safari. You can use the tools in MacOptimizer 2.0 to boost the speed of Safari (and keep your browsing activity private) as you: clear History, reset Top Sites, remove all webpage preview images, reset all location warnings, remove all website data, remove saved names and passwords, remove other AutoFill form text, clear the Downloads list, and close all Safari windows. This feature is an excellent way to keep your browsing private, and restore space on your computer that you lose when saving all your browsing history.

MacOptimizer 2.0 also adds a new System Tweak to switch your dock between a 3D and two-dimensional view, enhances current tools, and fixes several minor bugs.

Current MacOptimizer users can get a special upgrade discount by contacting us directly.

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