Free Star Wars Fonts


If you are a big fan of Star Wars, and an avid collector of fonts, head on over to the TemplateMonster blog to get your fix of free Star Wars themed fonts! They even put together some of the more memorable quotes from the Star Wars movies with awesome graphics using the fonts you can download. Enjoy the new fonts, and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU:

Over 355 New Free Fonts


413 Free Fonts for Commercial Use

It’s been a while since we added some new fonts to our Free Fonts collection, so we decided to go BIG! We made arrangements with some of the top font designers in the industry and they agreed to offer their fonts through MacAppware absolutely free, including a commercial use license for each font! We have the first release from these font designers ready and have added the completed fonts to our current set of 56 Free Fonts collection, bringing the new total to 413 commercial use fonts. You can view samples of many of the fonts, and download the latest collection here:

New Versions of Premium Fonts


I have just updated all 54 regular fonts in the Premium Fonts collection (and subscription) to version 1.5. Aside from a few changes to meta data, the main update is the addition of kerning to all 54 fonts.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can see an example of the difference kerning makes in the Comicopia font below:

Kerning in the Comicopia font

The top example shows the sentence using Comicopia font without any kerning. The bottom sentence includes kerning. When creating fonts, the spacing between characters is not always natural looking; many letter combinations (for example,”ow” and “wo”) tend to look further away then other letter combinations. Above, you can also see this with the uppercase “T” next to the “h” at the beginning of each sentence. By kerning fonts you can tell the font to automatically adjust the spacing between specific character combinations (also called kern pairs).

Apple supplies kerning features by default in most of its applications, and makes it easy for third party app publishers to also included kerning features. This makes adding kerning to fonts more of a bonus rather than a necessity. To kern text in TextEdit for example, highlight text then select the kern option you want by navigating the following menu option:

Format | Font | Kern

Let me know if you have any questions about the Kern feature!

29 New Free Fonts!


I just finished 29 new free fonts to add to my free commercial use font collection. This takes the font collection from 16 to 45! I sent out an email to everyone subscribed to my free fonts list to download the 29 new free fonts so enjoy the new designs!

If you haven’t signed up to receive free fonts from MacAppware, make sure you do so! The free font collection started with only 10 fonts, followed by another 6, and now this collection is up to 45 free fonts, all with a 10 computer commercial use license to use freely in any home or business project. You can download all 45 free fonts here. Thank you, and happy holidays!

New Fonts


I have been getting some new fonts ready for release; there are over 25 new unique fonts in development and should be available for release within the next month or two. I have a few samples shown below. If anyone has suggestions on fonts they would like to see, please let me know and I will do my best to put them into the design and development process. Thank you again for your interest in my growing collection of commercial use fonts for Mac and Windows!