Keeping your website safe

It seems hack attempts come in waves for websites, especially if you are using a popular publishing platform like WordPress, Joomla, etc. (I have had close to 1000 hack attempts just this morning!). I am sure it does not need to be said, but if you have a website using one of these platforms (or any website you run) do not use weak usernames and passwords. There seems to be a standard list of usernames hackers start with, so stay away from the following usernames and passwords for your login: user, admin, support, qwerty, adm, support, admin1, aaa, abc, administrator, admin123, manager, manager1, test, root, sysadmin, wpadmin, user1, user123. Also, do not create a username with any variation of your company or website name, or even personal name.

Also, look for a good firewall plugin to help keep your website safe, and make sure you always have a recent backup you can go back to in case all your security attempts fail.

General Tips