Free Celtic Fonts


Download 7 Fonts for St. Patrick’s Day!

There’s a saying that everyone is a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, so find the end of the rainbow with this new treasure trove of free commercial use fonts with a Celtic flair. All 7 fonts are in OpenType font format and can be installed on any Mac or Windows computer to use in any application that supports fonts.

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See a preview below:

Free Celtic Fonts

Free Fonts Reviewed by Tapscape


The Free Fonts collection was just given a favorable review by Tapscape and you can read it here:

We do tend to disagree with the lower rating on the Features category because we think the features of a collection of fonts should be the fonts themselves (not to mention the commercial use license included with each font, allowing you to use the fonts in any personal or for-profit design project!). That would give each person who downloads our free font collection over 600 incredible features! Take a look for yourself at the current Free Fonts collection on our website:

Or, on the Mac App Store (currently have 31 FIVE star ratings!):

Over 355 New Free Fonts


413 Free Fonts for Commercial Use

It’s been a while since we added some new fonts to our Free Fonts collection, so we decided to go BIG! We made arrangements with some of the top font designers in the industry and they agreed to offer their fonts through MacAppware absolutely free, including a commercial use license for each font! We have the first release from these font designers ready and have added the completed fonts to our current set of 56 Free Fonts collection, bringing the new total to 413 commercial use fonts. You can view samples of many of the fonts, and download the latest collection here:

29 New Free Fonts!


I just finished 29 new free fonts to add to my free commercial use font collection. This takes the font collection from 16 to 45! I sent out an email to everyone subscribed to my free fonts list to download the 29 new free fonts so enjoy the new designs!

If you haven’t signed up to receive free fonts from MacAppware, make sure you do so! The free font collection started with only 10 fonts, followed by another 6, and now this collection is up to 45 free fonts, all with a 10 computer commercial use license to use freely in any home or business project. You can download all 45 free fonts here. Thank you, and happy holidays!