PDFelement for Mac

Download for $99

All-in-one PDF editor for Mac
Supports Mac OS X 10.7 and newer (including Yosemite)

Effortlessly Edit, Convert, & Annotate PDF on Mac

  • Create industry-standard PDF files from web pages, images, and text files
  • Edit PDF text, images, watermark, and pages with full editing features
  • Comment with a collection of annotation and mark up tools
  • Convert PDF files to multiple types of documents for reuse
  • Leading-edge OCR technology digitizes text in image-based PDF files
  • Quick-sign PDF documents with handwritten signatures
  • Fill out PDF forms and customize PDF forms from templates

Choose the right PDF Editor for Mac

PDFelement for Mac makes it very easy to update and edit PDF files; edit PDF text and images; split and merge PDF files; collaborate and review PDF files with an array of pre-made and self-created stamps, text and shape based tools; and fill out PDF forms. If you have a hard time editing through the pages of a PDF file, just use PDF Editor Pro for Mac to convert the PDF file into a Word or text format for easy editing.

PDFelement for Mac also includes powerful OCR technology, allowing you to edit and convert image-based PDF documents to other types of documents. New in this version: create industry-standard PDF files from web pages, images, RTF and plain text files.

Create 100% industry-standard PDFs

PDFelement for Mac allows Mac users to create 100% industry-standard PDF files from web pages (.html & .htm), images (.png, .jpeg, .jpg, .bmp, .tiff, .bmp), and text (.rtf, .rtfd, .txt) files. The newly created PDF files can be viewed and edited using professional PDF program (like Adobe Acrobat) on any computer. Another new feature allows you to combine different types of files into a single PDF document.

Edit text, images & add a watermarks

PDFelement for Mac allows you to edit text and objects in a PDF file using a full toolbox of editing tools. You can add and modify text in a PDF file while automatically matching the text font, color, and typeface. Don’t want some text in your PDF? Easily remove it! Inserting, deleting and cropping images can also be performed quickly, and you can even add image watermarks to your PDF document.

Edit PDF pages, split and merge PDF files

With PDFelement for Mac, you can edit PDF pages and files effortlessly. Just go to the Document menu and choose whether you want to delete, extract, insert, or crop a PDF page; split a large PDF document into small ones; or merge multiple PDF files into a new single PDF file. Select Rotate Pages to change PDF orientation between Landscape and Portrait.

Convert PDF to multiple formats

PDFelement for Mac allows you to convert any native PDF file to an editable Microsoft Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint slides, Plain Text file, HTML page for easy analysis and further editing, and EPUB eBook for reading on phones and tablets. This feature is helpful if you need to collect info from PDF files often.

Mark up and Annotate PDFs

A collection of precise annotation, markup, and freehand drawing tools in the toolbar make it easy to put the focus on PDF text with highlight, underline, strike-through, sticky note, text boxes, rectangles, clouds, arrows, stamps, and more. A variety of pre-made dynamic and standard business-style stamps are provided to declare PDF status. You can even import your handwritten signature and create it as a stamp to quick-sign PDF files.

Password protect PDF files

To protect important PDF files from being copied, edited, printed or opened by people you don’t want to give permission to, PDF Editor Pro for Mac makes it easy for you to add a layer of protection to PDF files. Just go to File > Security > Security Settings and you are able to add Open Password to protect PDF files from being opened without authorization. You can also add a User Password to restrict a user’s access to PDF editing and printing.

Use OCR to turn scanned PDFs into editable text

PDFelement for Mac includes built-in OCR technology to recognize and digitize text in image-based or scanned PDF files, making it possible for users to select, search, and edit the text. And you can even enable this powerful OCR feature before converting image-based PDF, which will make your output documents editable as well. Current languages the OCR feature supports are: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Greek, and Russian.

Quick Sign PDF Documents

PDFelement for Mac allows you to import handwritten signatures and initials into stamps in order to sign PDF documents quickly. It also comes with a range of commonly used dynamic and business standard stamps, and 4 ways to create stylish stamps. If you prefer, you can even type with your keyboard, draw with mouse, capture pictures, and import images to create your own unique stamps.

Fill out and customize PDF forms

PDFelement for Mac allows you to fill out PDF forms that come with interactive fields, and save them on your computer for future use. When a PDF form is opened all the fields will be highlighted, making it easy for you to finish filling in the form, and you can even customize PDF forms from templates and edit a the interactive fields of a form.